The 6 Best Things For A Fruitful Social Media For Business

Nearly every business puts up a social media page with the idea that people will flock to it, hit the ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ buttons, chat, share and invite their friends to the party.

For an already well-known, established brand this does happen, but for every famous business with bucketloads of active fans there are a million businesses with stagnating social media pages and less than 20 fans/followers.

The first thing you should know is that there are websites out there that can handle this sort of thing for you, if you can spare 5 bucks a month for your business.

Having social media pages with the business description fields properly filled out will provide your business with a boost in search engine listings but unless you’re prepared to put time and effort into your social media then you’re unlikely to see much more benefit than that.

Assuming you don’t wish to spend a fair amount of time and money on setting up advertising campaigns then there are a few things that can be done to improve the chances of having a successful and fruitful social media presence.

  • 1. The first thing I always advise a business is to get their employees and friends to Like/Circle/Follow their pages. This is key to getting started. Encourage those around you to contribute and comment on your pages to make it appear a friendlier place to be for your other visitors.


  • 2. Make sure you give links to your social media pages to all your customers! This is so often criminally overlooked but it is one of the most effective ways of building up your fan tally. Advise your customers to join your social media pages to be kept updated of your latest offers and make sure to include links to your social media pages in any emails you send.
  • 3. Talk about your business. I’ve seen restaurants that offer cooking tips and pictures of their kitchens, I’ve seen plumbers that offer plumbing advice and sometimes even video tips. These are always the best and most Liked social media pages on the web.
  • 4. Engage your visitors. If someone takes the time to comment on a post you make on your social media pages then be sure to reply to them! Again, encourage your employees and friends to talk on your pages too.
  • 5. Use a Social Media Posting Service. The Online Department offers a daily posting service that will post twice every day to your Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter pages with custom content relevant to your business. This helps keep you top-of-mind to your fans/followers and gives them something to share with their friends.
  • 6. Offer Freebies! Sometimes offering something small for free (also known as a ‘loss leader’) exclusively to your social media fans can encourage people to come and visit your store or website where they often find other things they might like to buy.

I personally use most of these techniques on my own pages and currently around 80% of my business enquiries come from my social media pages so it’s definitely worth doing!

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